Who We Are

I launched Nursing and Midwifery Advocacy Solutions mid-2021 to provide support and assistance to individual Nurses, Midwives, and students when they are requiring advice, interpretation, or clarification on an Industrial, Professional or Workplace Health and Safety Regulation, Standard or Clause; or they would like to know how to escalate and resolve a non-compliance matter in the Workplace.

Having completed my hospital based Enrolled Nurse training with the Canterbury Hospital in 1985, I moved to Australia in 1987.

In the first 3 years of my career I worked in public hospitals specializing in Gynaecology/Obstetrics, however, in 1988 I really found my niche in the Peri-operative environment including Operating Theatres (scrub, scout, anaesthetics , admissions, discharges, and recovery), Day Surgery Hospitals, Endoscopy Units and Central Sterilising Services Department (CSSD), in both public and private hospitals.

In addition to these areas I worked in Aged Care, Medical/Surgical wards, and a Skin Cancer Clinic.

After 12 years as a Union activist, Branch Secretary and Workplace Representative for the New South Wales Nurses Association (NSWNA) and Queensland Nurses Union (QNU) I commenced employment in 2010 with the organisation now known as the Queensland Nurses and Midwives Union (QNMU).

For over 10 years I was employed as a QNMU Private Sector/Private Hospital Organiser.

As an Organiser I was the conduit between Members, Officials and other stakeholders including Employers.

I would directly advise, represent, and advocate for members individually and collectively regarding Industrial, Professional and Workplace Health and Safety conditions, entitlements, regulations, and standards.

I supported, advised, and represented individual nurses or midwives, of all classifications, through  the disciplinary process, complaints process, performance improvement plans (PIPs), alleged breaches of employer policies, general protection matters and return to work plans.

The training, education, and professional development I received was extensive and invaluable; it provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to launch Nursing and Midwifery Advocacy Solutions.

As an administrator/moderator and group expert of  a private Facebook group called Resilient Aussie Nurses & Midwives United (RANMU), previously known as NAMABA, I have a particular focus on the devestating impact of bullying, harassment, inappropriate and often unlawful behaviours occuring within Public and Private healthcare settings to those in the nursing and midwifery family.

If you are a RANMU member 10% of your monthly or yearly fees will be donated to the action group to assist with costs associated with running a successful Campaign.

I describe myself as having a great sense of humour, I am very compassionate, caring and dedicated to improving the lives of nurses,  midwives, students and patients.

Vicky Stewart Proprietor Nursing and Midwifery Advocacy Solutions June 2021

Our Mission & Vision

Our Values
As a nurse and advocate my values, and philosophies are what drive me, especially when  it will positively improve the lives of Nurses, Midwives, Students, Patients, Residents and the broader community.

Our Mission
To provide clinical and non-clinical Nurses, Midwives and Students employed in Australian public and private healthcare settings, affordable and individual tailored advice, information, and support when they are attempting to navigate the path to resolution of Workplace issues.

Our Vision
With a particular focus on the complex issue of bullying, harassment,  inappropriate and often unlawful behaviours in the workplace, and with the hope of improving the lives of those affected directly or indirectly by such behaviour, we want to bring about positive cultural change within Nursing and Midwifery.

Vicky Stewart Proprietor Nursing and Midwifery Advocacy Solutions January 2022