In June 2023 the Private Facebook group Resilient Aussie Nurses & Midwives United (RANMU) was rebranded after three years as Nurses and Midwives Against Bullying Australia (NAMABA).

The group was founded in June 2020 to facilitate discussion and action regarding increased workplace bullying, harassment, and inappropriate behaviour in Australian health care settings and specifically within Nursing and Midwifery.

As an Administrator /Moderator and Group Expert for the group it is evident that nurses and midwives may not have the knowledge, understanding or desire to appropriately escalate and resolve non- compliance matters, they may not even be aware of their workplace rights particularly pertaining to bullying, harassment, and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

We now have over 2000 nurses, midwives, nursing and midwifery students, assistants in nursing and personal carers from around Australia in our group.

RANMU members come from different states, different cultures, different work environments, different age groups and different professional organisations and unions, however, we have all come together with a common goal and purpose.

We want to bring attention to, and eradicate the bullying, harassment and inappropriate behaviour that is being perpetrated within nursing and midwifery across public and private health care including aged care and non-clinical settings.

There are a number of questions you are required to answer if you want to be ‘approved’ to join the group. This is to ensure a safe space for Nurses and Midwives to share their thoughts and feelings, one of the questions asked is for your AHPRA number to be provided.

Details of your AHPRA registration is available on the AHPRA public register so please don’t be too concerned about this question.

Member questions and rules are there to ensure people are accountable for themselves on the page, what they post and or what they comment on.

If you are a RANMU member 10% of your monthly or yearly fees will be donated to RANMU to assist with costs associated with running a Campaign.